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Sidewalk Program

The City of Oregon has implemented a Sidewalk Program to improve existing sidewalks that are in need of repair or replacement. Per Section 909.02 of the Oregon Codified Ordinances, “Every owner of any lot or parcel of land shall keep and maintain sidewalks now or hereafter constructed along all streets adjoining such land in good order and repair and free from nuisance.”


Improve the overall condition and quality of the existing sidewalks to provide a safe pathway for pedestrian travel in the City of Oregon.

Program Details

  • Annual Program for replacing and repairing existing deficient sidewalks in the City of Oregon.
  • Program will concentrate on one area of the city per year.
  • By law, property owners are required to maintain abutting sidewalks in a safe condition.
  • Department of Public Service will inspect sidewalks in the selected area for deficiencies based on the Sidewalk Inspection Criteria.
  • Sidewalk sections meeting any of the Sidewalk Inspection Criteria will be marked with a white letter denoting the sidewalk deficiency and will be the responsibility of the property owner to repair or replace.
  • Sidewalk sections marked with a white “O” will be replaced or repaired at the City of Oregon’s expense if it is determined that a tree in the right of way caused the damage.
  • Oregon City Council will, by Resolution, order sidewalks to be repaired or reconstructed and the costs thereof assessed and collected as provided by law.
  • Property owners will be sent by certified mail notices and given the opportunity to make corrections within a given time frame (approximately 45 days).
  • During the given time frame, property owners may perform the required repairs or replacements themselves or hire a licensed contractor for the sidewalk sections marked with a white letter.
  • A permit is required for the replacement of the sidewalk through the Building and Zoning Department.
  • Construction of sidewalks must be in accordance with the City of Oregon’s “Rules and Regulations for Construction of Driveways, Sidewalks, and Curb cuts in the Public Right of Way” available through the Department of Public Service or Building and Zoning Department.
  • No concrete shall be poured without inspection by the Building and Zoning Department (Failure to get an inspection may require removal of the material).
  • City will hire a contractor to make corrections for all sidewalks not repaired or replaced by the property owner during the given time frame.
  • Where the City is required to contract the work, an invoice will be mailed to the property owners for the amount to be assessed based on the dimensions of actual work completed, interest, advertising cost, legal fees, administrative, and inspection costs associated with the project.
  • Property owners will have the opportunity to payoff the assessment in full within 30 days of notice or over a two-year period (with interest added) on real estate tax bills.
  • Property owners will be assessed 100% of the cost for the work associated with repairing the sidewalks abutting their property where invoices for city contracted work not paid.
For additional information contact the Department of Public Service at (419) 698-7047

Duty to Maintain Sidewalks

Oregon Municipal Code

Chapter 909 Sidewalks, Curbs and Driveways

909.02 Duty to Maintain Sidewalks.
Every owner of any lot or parcel of land situated within the corporation limits of the City shall keep and maintain sidewalks now or hereafter constructed along all streets adjoining such land in good order and repair and free from nuisance. Furthermore, each such owner shall construct good and sufficient sidewalks abutting the property owned by him as provided in this chapter and the laws of the State. (Ord. 110-1959. Passed 11-9-59.)

909.10 Notice to Construct, Repair or Reconstruct; Cost Assessment.
Notice to construct, repair or reconstruct sidewalks or driveways or make curb openings shall be as provided by law. Council may, by resolution, order sidewalks or driveways to be constructed, repaired or reconstructed, and the costs thereof may be assessed and collected as provided by law. If the owner neglects to construct, repair or reconstruct a sidewalk or driveway within the time specified in the notice required to be given, it shall be the duty of the Director of Public Service to construct, reconstruct or repair such sidewalk or driveway or cause the same to be done in such case, all of the cost and expense of constructing, repairing or reconstructing such sidewalk or driveway shall, as directed by ordinance of Council, be assessed as provided by law against the adjoining or abutting property, lots or lands. (Ord. 098-2008. Passed 6-9-08.)