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The Finance Department assures the financial integrity of the City through fiscal management, fiscal service and tax management.

  • Fiscal Management includes grant administration, debt administration, treasury management, internal and external audits, reporting and risk management.
  • Fiscal Service includes purchasing and budgeting management, payroll, fixed assets, accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  • Tax Management encompasses income tax administration, collection and auditing and the administration of special assessments.

Oregon has a mandatory tax filing.  All Oregon residents age 18 and older must file an income tax return every year by April 15 (or by the following Monday if April 15 is a weekend day), regardless of whether they work within this city. Oregon residents pay a 2.25% municipal income tax rate. The City of Oregon gives credit for taxes paid to workplace cities, up to 2.25%.

The Income Tax Division of Oregon’s Finance Department oversees the City’s income tax collection; investigates and enforces compliance with City tax regulations; reviews, audits, processes and posts City tax returns; and provides information to residents to ensure they can file income taxes correctly.

Questions regarding City of Oregon income tax should be directed to

Questions for the Finance Department should be directed to

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Nick Roman

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