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Message from the Chief

Oregon Welcome to the Oregon Police Division.

The Oregon Police Division is committed to excellence through partnership with the community that builds trust, reduces crime and creates a safe environment. Through education, enforcement and prevention, we will improve the quality of life by practicing our core beliefs of Integrity, Professionalism, Fairness and Teamwork.

The Oregon Police Division employs 48 sworn and 3 civilian employees. The Department serves a community of approximately 20,000 residents spanning an area of 28 square miles along the Lake Erie shoreline.

The Oregon Police Division is a progressive police agency.  It was established by Ordinance in 1958 and, at the time, was to consist of 12 sworn officers and 7 radio communication operators.  In February of 2011 the police division completed a state of the art upgrade to our dispatch center.  Oregon Dispatchers not only dispatch for the police division, but are also responsible for the Oregon and Jerusalem Township Fire Departments.  In November 2021, all Police, Fire, and EMS dispatching services transitioned to the Lucas County 911 Regional Council of Governments (RCOG).

As a medium sized police agency, each officer is encouraged and assisted in developing a wide range of skills.  As is the case with all agencies, the road patrol division makes up the largest part of the police force.  The patrol division is supported by the special services division that is comprised of a 4 officer detective bureau, police records, and the dispatch center.

In addition, the Oregon Police Division has partnered with the Oregon Board of Education in recognizing the importance of our youth.  As a result, 6 Oregon Officers are assigned to the school system full time as School Resources Officers (SRO’s) and a combination SRO/DARE Officer.  These Officers are teaching drug and violence prevention and are accessible to our younger residents.  Oregon Officers participate in many other part time positions in and around the City of Oregon.  These would include the U.S. Marshal Service’s Violent Fugitive Task Force, The FBI Safe Streets Task Force, The Special Response Team, and numerous other on and off duty projects.

2022 Goals and Objectives

  • Create a performance evaluation system for Road Patrol Sergeants
  • Modify evaluations for Road Patrol Officers and incorporate a 360 evaluation into them
  • Explore alternative schedules for Road Patrol Officers
  • Establish a process to conduct monthly speed audits of every officer in Operations
  • Assign a command officer to be responsible for new document generation
  • Start the process of obtaining a new K-9 officer
Detective Bureau
  • Fill the vacant Detective position
  • Improve the sound in the interview room (sound proofing) and cover the windows
  • Purchase a new computer for the use of Cellebrite
  • Update the WIFI
  • Purchase a new fuming chamber for the lab
  • Schedule and ensure all officer complete the minimum 24 hours of Continuing Professional Training (CPT) mandated by the State of Ohio; however, strive to successfully have all officers exceed the mandate and attend 32 hours of CPT
  • Schedule and complete Division wide training to include, 16 hours of firearms (implementing new shotguns-8 hours) and part 1 of 2 of High Threat Building Search Tactics (8 hours)
  • Complete Oregon Police Training Center upgrades, improvements, and fixes
  • Transition to red dot pistols for the Special Response Team and the Detective Bureau
  • Transition to Taser 7 or find an alternative less lethal weapon
  • Train new hire police officers
  • Develop updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for the Records Section
  • Hire and train one (1) additional Records Clerk (vacant position)
  • Complete renovations of the new Records office and transition to the new space
  • Update the Records Retention Schedule to remove ambiguity
Drone Unit
  • Replace the current Phantom drone with a new drone that has thermal imaging capabilities
  • Have all of the new members of the unit complete and successfully pass the remove pilot examination
  • Conduct monthly trainings focusing on: quick launches, tracking, and scene documentation
  • Conduct joint training with the Special Response Team and the Crash Investigation Unit
Crisis Negotiation Team
  • Acquire and implement the W.R.A.P.S. communication system
  • Have the 3 new members of the team complete the FBI CNT training course in the Fall of 2022
  • Acquire material for and create a CNT “go-bag” for more efficient and effective call response
  • Conduct training with members of CNT, in order to make members who have not been through the FBI course able to respond to calls and assist as needed in crisis negotiations

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