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How do I file a report?
In order to file a police report with the Oregon Police Division, some part of the crime must have occurred within the city. If the incident is an internet scam or identity theft and the victim lives in Oregon, we may also be able to assist. Call the Dispatch center at 419-255-8443 and give the dispatcher a brief description of the incident. Depending on the circumstances, an officer may be able to take the report over the phone or they may be dispatched to meet with you face-to-face.
How do I retrieve a towed vehicle?

If your vehicle was towed by the Oregon Police Division and you were not provided a Release form at the scene, you will need to bring proof of ownership to the Oregon Police Station at 5330 Seaman Road to get the release. Only the titled owner may claim the release for the vehicle. If, for some reason, the owner is unavailable, call Officer Scott Wells at 419-698-7191 to make alternate arrangements.

How do I request a copy of a report?

For Crash Reports – First check the Ohio Department of Public Safety web portal to see if the crash is available online. If the report is not found online, you can follow the same process as below.

For Crime Reports – Call the Records Section at 419-698-7052 or email and the report can be emailed back to you. Reports may also be picked up in person during normal business hours. Please allow up to 72 hours for reports to be available for distribution.

How do I get fingerprints or a background check?
  • Fingerprints and background checks are done by appointment only.
  • Call or email the Records Section to schedule an appointment.
  • When making an appointment, be prepared with the details from the organization that is sending you for the check.
  • If they require inked prints, they should provide you with a card.
  • For “National Webcheck” backgrounds, they need to provide you with a “Reason Code” to use on the submission as well as specific instructions about to where the results are sent. You will not get a copy of the results directly from Oregon Police or from Ohio BCI&I. Inaccurate reason codes will result in a rejection of your submission and you will have to come back to be re-printed and pay a second time for the check to be resubmitted.  Here is the Webcheck instruction and application.
  • Cost for fingerprints are as follows:
    • Inked – $15 ($5 for Oregon Residents)
    • National Webcheck – $40 for BCI only, $40 for FBI only or $75 for both BCI and FBI
    • Cash or check only. No credit/debit cards accepted.

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