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The Oregon Police Division Detective Bureau consists of four detectives and a sergeant, who serves as the unit commander. The Detective Bureau investigates crimes that cover a broad spectrum of offenses, especially serious crimes where lengthy follow-up or specialized skills are necessary.

If you want to report criminal activity that does not require an immediate response you can leave a message with our detective bureau at (419) 698-7102.

Detective Sergeant Ed Depinet(419) 698-7178Click Here
Detective Michael Blazevich(419) 698-7060Click Here
Detective Jake Stelmaszak(419) 698-7061Click Here
Detective Larry George(419) 698-7004Click Here

Eye on the Community

Eye on the Community connects officers with residents and business owners who have partnered with the City of Oregon to keep the city safe. In order to participate in Eye on the Community residents and business owners must register their privately-owned video surveillance system with the City of Oregon. They can accomplish this by completing the form below. If a crime occurs in your area, police officers may contact you to help us solve the crime. Rest assured, the information that you provide will only be seen by police division personnel and it will not be used for any other purpose.

Eye on the Community Form

Did you know your home security systems could help solve crimes?
Your home security cameras can help the Oregon Police Department gather critical information when crime or suspicious activity happens in your neighborhood.
If you have a home security camera system and would be willing to provide archived video to the Oregon Police of suspicious activity or a crime that occurred in your area, please complete the form below.
*This information will be retained by the police department and will not be made public.
Police - Eyes on Community - Home Security Systems Form
Please describe the location & area captured on the video