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Road Patrol

Uniformed Patrol is easily the largest and most identifiable segment of the Oregon Police Division. The Uniformed Patrol is comprised of 40 uniformed officers, who perform a variety of functions. Within the aforementioned group of 40 officer, 8 are command officers (either Lieutenant or sergeants), 6 are School Resource Officers (SRO’s), and 2 are officers have dual purposes Court / Property Room Officer and Court / Fleet Management Officer. Currently, one of our command officers is also our K-9 handler.

Uniformed Patrol responds to all calls for service, conducts preliminary criminal investigations, investigates vehicular crashes and enforces the criminal and traffic codes. The Oregon Police Division encourages uniformed officers to connect with residents / citizens to help identify community problems to enhance the quality of life, and therefore the level of safety, in our city.

Our Uniformed Patrol is large and performs many functions / services. Some of the more requested functions and/or services are listed below:

Requested ServicesContactPhone/Email
Ride- alongs / College student internshipsLt. Materni(419) 698-7182
Child car / safety seat installationsOfficer S. Shaw(419) 698-7186
Release of PropertyOfficer M. Denomy(419) 698-7192
Release of a towed vehicleOfficer S. Wells
(during normal business hours )
(419) 698-7191
A request for a videoSergeant DruckenmillerClick Here
Request for Extra Patrol or Vacation WatchPolice Records(419) 698-7052

If you want to comment on the service and officer provided or inquire about one of the services listed above, you can call or email one of the command officers listed below.

Lieutenant EJ Materni(419) 698-7182Click Here
Sergeant Brad Tristan(419) 698-7179Click Here
Sergeant Eric Weis(419) 698-7103Click Here
Sergeant Brandon Gardull(419) 698-7102Click Here
Sergeant Jeff Martin
(SRO / Training Sgt)
(419) 698-7180Click Here
Sergeant Ken Reno(419) 698-7181Click Here
Sergeant Brett Smith(419) 698-7059Click Here
Sergeant Ryan Kantner(419) 690-7313Click Here