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Resource Officer Program 

sroaDuring the 1998-1999 school year, the Oregon Board of Education and the City of Oregon Police Division joined together to support the new School Resource Officer Program. Outside of the DARE Program police officers have only periodically spent time in the middle schools and the high school. As part of this Community Oriented Policing initiative, the school resource officers will devote much of their time developing positive relationships with the students in the middle schools and the high school.

In January 2019, the partnership between the Oregon Police Division and Oregon City Schools expanded.  An additional three (3) School Resource Officers were added to Oregon City Schools.  Specifically, School Resource Officers were added to each of the three (3) elementary schools:  Coy Elementary, Jerusalem Elementary, and Starr Elementary.  Any of the six (6) School Resource Officers may be contacted at their information listed below. 

The resource officers engage in a variety of activities designed to increase the understanding between the students, the faculty and the law enforcement community. All of the Officers’ activities are designed to reinforce and compliment the goals of the school.

SchoolCommunity PolicingPhoneEmail
Sgt. Jeff Martin(419) 698-7180Click Here
Clay High SchoolSRO T. McLeod(419) 698-7186Click Here
Eisenhower Intermediate SchoolSRO S. Shaw(419) 698-7186Click Here
Fassett Jr. HighSRO M. Potter(419) 698-7186Click Here
Jerusalem Elementary SchoolSRO J. Costanzo(419) 836-6111Click Here
Coy Elementary SchoolSRO T. Moore(419) 693-0624Click Here
Starr Elementary ScholSRO M. O'Connor(419) 693-0589Click Here