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Tax FAQs

Do I Need To Fill Out A Tax Return Even If I Don’t Owe Money?

All Oregon residents who are 18 and older must file a tax return with the City of Oregon every year, regardless of whether they owe money or pay local income taxes to another municipality.

How Do I File My Taxes?

Tax forms and instructions are available online by visiting the Individuals, Businesses page. Completed forms can be mailed to the City, or placed in the Tax drop box located at the East wing of the municipal building.

When Are My Taxes Due?

The tax returns are due April 15, 2024 for 2023 returns.

What Common Sources Of Income Are Taxable For Oregon?

Wages, employee contributions to retirement plans, non-qualified pension plan contributions, net profits of businesses, net rental income, net farm income. Click HERE for a more detailed list

What Common Sources Of Income Are NOT Taxable For Oregon?
Interest/Dividend income, state unemployment, social security, workers’ compensation, gambling/lottery income (unless reported on a Schedule C). Click HERE for a more detailed list
What if Oregon Resident Earns Income and Pays Tax In Another Community?

Oregon gives credit to taxes paid in other cities up to 2.25%. So, if you work in another municipality where income taxes are 2.25 percent or higher, you will pay no income taxes to the City of Oregon. However, you still must file a local income tax form, even if you pay taxes to another municipality.

When are estimates required?

Every taxpayer having or anticipating any income under withheld or not subject to local withholding by their employer (from the city in which he/she works) needs to file a declaration setting forth the estimated annual income, together with an estimate of the amount of tax due when the tax liability is $200 or more.

What are the estimate due dates?

For Individuals: April 15;  July 31;  October 31 and January 31.

For Businesses:  Please click here to view the dates.

Where Is The Oregon Tax Division Located?

Oregon’s Municipal Complex – 5330 Seaman Road

Where Should I Mail My Oregon Tax Returns, Payments And Other Tax Correspondence?

All tax related correspondences, returns and payments can be mailed to:

City of Oregon
Income Tax
5330 Seaman Road
Oregon, OH 43616

For your convenience a 24/7 drop box is also located near the east doors of the City Complex.

Payments can also be made online .

Who Should I Make My Checks Payable To?

For income tax, checks should be made payable to: City of Oregon Income Tax

What Is The City Of Oregon Income Tax Rate?


How Can I Obtain Copies Of My W2s From Past Years?

Please contact either your employer or the IRS.

Whom Should I Contact About Real Estate Taxes?

Contact the Lucas County Auditor’s Office at (419) 213-4305 or access their website at

What Federal Forms Should I Include With My Tax Return When I File?

Federal form 1040, Schedule 1 and all applicable schedules. Additional forms may vary from person to person. Email with questions.

I Have Additional Questions. Whom Should I Contact?

For more information or if you have additional questions, email the Tax Division at or call 419-698-7034.

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