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The City of Oregon Department of Public Service conducts traffic counts every two to three years to measure traffic volumes on selected streets.  The information is typically collected

mechanically using tubes laid across the roadway over a minimum of a 24-hour period.  This information is available from the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments traffic count database system.  To access this information select the below link, select LUCAS for the County, Select OREGON for the Community, and select the a roadway from the Located on Item from the menu. 

TMACOG Traffic Count Database System (TCDS)

In addition, the City also conducts Intersection Turning Movement Counts at locations chosen on an as needed basis.  The Intersection Turning Movement Counts provide detailed information about traffic flow and traffic needs at intersections and are conducted by field investigators typically over a minimum of an 8-hour period.  Contact the Department of Public Service to check into the availability of this information for a specific location.

TMACOG Traffic Flow Maps

For more information concerning Traffic Count Information contact us at 419-698-7047