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Thursday April 18th, 2024 at 6:00pm

City of Oregon Municipal Complex   

As part of the project development process for the Otter Creek Stream and Floodplain Restoration Project, the City of Oregon is hosting an Open House where residents can view maps and plans as well as listen to a short presentation about what is proposed to be constructed in the project area.  Any questions you may have about the project can also be answered during this time.  The Open House is scheduled for Thursday April 18th at 6:00pm and will be held at the City of Oregon Municipal Complex Council Chambers.  The project presentation will begin at approximately 6:15pm.  Please feel free to attend and learn about the benefits this project will have for the environment and Lake Erie.

Project Site Map

Otter Creek headwaters start near Tracy Road in Northwood, Ohio and flow northeasterly through the City of Oregon, eventually discharging into Maumee River near Otter Creek Road.  As Otter Creek crosses the City, it flows through a mix of  urban, industrial, and commercial land use areas.  Unfortunately, over the years the creek has been channelized and incised through these areas and increased flows from large rain events have led to stream bank erosion.  This erosion is ongoing and has led to an increase in sediment discharge to the Maumee River and Lake Erie.  As part of a periodic sampling event in 2017 at Corduroy Road, the Ohio EPA found Otter Creek to be in non-attainment for fish and benthic (invertebrate species) habitat due to active stream bank erosion, lack of connected floodplain, and extensive silt cover of the creek bottom.

This project area was identified by the Maumee AOC as a priority to combat the above described non-attainment causes.  To combat these effects on Otter Creek and Lake Erie, the City of Oregon has received a federal grant from the USEPA’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) through the Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO).  The grant is for the design and construction of a stream and wetland restoration project on Otter Creek near N. Berlin Avenue, Taylor Road, and N. Yarrow Street.  This project will benefit water quality and improve fish and benthic habitat by establishing a functioning natural stream and floodplain environment within the project area.

The Otter Creek Stream and Floodplain Restoration Project is designed to improve Otter Creek and create large habitat areas for birds, fish, and amphibians.  Over 2,500 linear feet of streambank will be stabilized using natural channel design methods including live stakes, locked logs, and replanting with native grasses and shrubs to hold soils.  This vegetation will reduce streambank erosion during large rain events.  Other proposed work includes:

  • Streambank stabilization by grading, live stake planting, and the utilization of rootwads on 2,500 linear feet of Otter Creek streambank
  • Establishment of instream habitat structures such as riffles and cover stones for substrate
  • Reestablishment of the connection of Otter Creek to 2.5 acres of floodplain
  • Enhancement of 2.5 acres of Otter Creek floodplain using grading, microtopography, and wetland, shrub, and tree plantings
  • Enhancement of 4 acres of existing wetland and riparian area adjacent to the creek using wetland, shrub, and tree plantings and grading.
  • Diversion of 53 acres of stormwater drainage to proposed floodplains to reduce sediment and nutrients prior to discharge to Otter Creek
  • A proposed walking path to provide additional passive recreation and wildlife viewing opportunities.

If you have any questions about this project or any other stream and wetland restoration projects in the City of Oregon, please contact the Department of Public Service at 419-698-7047 or